Hello and welcome to my website!

This is currently a work in progress but I hope to eventually have it filled with art and short writings. The site might also go through some overhauls as I get better at coding and web design, but the content should stay the same.

You can check out my site updates though my Changelog.

If you're interested in checking out the things I've made, you can read my longform webcomic Star Trip as well as my recently launched webnovel Earthshine.

Thanks for visiting my little space on the web.

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Who's This?

Here on the World Wide Web you may call me Mycorrhiza, Myc, or Semper.

I'm an artist living in Canada just having a good time playing around with my OCs and writing stories, be they webcomics or webnovels.

I'm an amateur astronomer, and I love learning about space. My other scientific interests include mycology, entomology, eremology, and geology.

I love to knit, with my usual knitting projects being socks, and I have a basic sock pattern memorized. I want to learn how to sew and once I have enough money I want to buy myself a sewing machine a make my own specially tailored clothes.

I like to garden and almost every spring I plant tomatoes, strawberries, and nasturtiums on my small balcony. I used to grow zucchinis but they got a little out of hand in such a small space. I hope to have a small plot of land to garden one day.

I also like to bake and cook. I have a sourdough starter that I've been tending to since early 2018 named "Sticky" and have made many tasty artisan breads with it. I also make bagels.

I love to read, with my favourite genre being sci-fi (especially space operas). Though as I've gotten older I'll read just about anything.

Of course since setting up this site on Neocities I have gotten into coding and I am having a lot of fun with it. I'm pretty comfortable using HTML and CSS and I hope to feel the same way about Javascript.

I also draw, with my favourite and most used mediums being; Clip Studio Paint (for digital art), watercolour, ballpoint pen, Pilot fineliners, steel tip G nibs and India ink, and pencil crayons.

I journal a lot, which since 2020 has been a huge help for my mental health. I know journaling isn't for everyone, but I'm really glad I made that a part of my routine. It also helps that I treat myself to nice notebooks to write in and cute stickers to stick in and on them.

I like to make origami, and I have the crane, simple butterfly, and a bookmark pattern memorized. I love Chiyogami as well as washi tape, and I like to use them for various arts and crafts as well as to decorate and journals and sketchbooks.

That's about all I have to share for now.


This website was hand coded by me, and hosted on Neocities.