The Bloggening Commences

February 6, 2021

Well here we are! I'm finally making a portfolio site with the added bonus of a blog so I don't feel completely isolated. There's been a lot of talk around, in particular on Twitter, about moving away from corporate social media and bring back personalized websites, blogs, and RSS feeds.

I was moderately on this tip since I liked the idea of getting the hell away from Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr since 2018. I had grown to really like Pillowfort as a place to put my less finished art pieces, fanart, and sketches. But since Pillowfort has been running into some tech and security issues and upon writing this has been down for about a week, I decided to join the website train. I am a little embarrassed as this is my first proper "portfolio site." I'm one of those artists agents and editors decry for not having a site linked in my bio on Twitter haha. Well I would mainly use my webcomic's site as an example of my work since it shows a fairly wide breadth of my skills, but things are changing for that as well.

I'm on track to finishing my webomic, Star Trip, early next year and have been looking towards pivoting into illustrated novels, which means very soon Star Trip will not be a wide example of my range. I'll still be making comics of course, but limiting my output to smaller stuff such as graphic novels and self contained stories that go no longer than 200 pages along with the odd mini comic. No more 1000 page epics that take almost a decade to finish!

My desire to move towards illustrated novels is part of the reason why I wanted to make this website, besides the exodus from corporate microblogging. I hope to put finished short illustrated prose up on this site, which I feel is much better suited for long form posting.

I hope adding a Blog section to my website also deals with any withdrawal I might run into as I lessen my time on social media. As much as I want to keep my life more private I still feel some need to talk about myself to an audience. Having a blog that I can post to once every two weeks to a month should hopefully fill this void.

a black and white comic in two panels depicting a person in a state of conflict in the top panel. The words read: Desire for attention vs dislike for posting to twitter. On the bottom panel depicts the same person passively carrying a large load of laundry and the text next to them reads: also laundry.

The only thing I deigned to post to Twitter for Hourly Comic Day 2/1/2021

It might be nostalgia that has me going back to this type of internet existence. Rose tinted memories can always make things from our past seem so much lovelier than what they actually were. But I think this movement towards a more controlled, decentralized, and personalized internet is better than the hell we live with grappling against The Algorithm.

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