Weekend Sketches #1 - Meet My New Girls!

February 20, 2021

A page full of sketches of Sol (taller woman with light curly long hair) and Nyx (shorter woman with short dark hair). Top left to right: Sol holding Nyx as if she is an angry cat and Nyx depicted as such with little cat ears on her head pointing backwards and a furiously swishing cat tail. Both Sol and Nyx standing in profile facing the left with Nyx nestled under Sol’s right arm, which is wrapped around the back of Nyx’s shoulders protectively while held in Sol’s right hand is a longsword. Nyx in an aggressive stance and a furious look on her face as lightning crackles from her hands, her right hand with the palm open held away from her body and her left in a fist at her side. Bottom right to left: A half body sketch of Sol facing 3/4 to the right with a grin on her face as she glances to the left, her right hand raised to chin in the ASL sign for “Lesbian.” A bust sketch of Nyx in profile facing towards the right and two small bolts of lightning emanate from her head. A small bust sketch of both Sol (smiling) and Nyx (frowning). Sol and Nyx copying the pose of that one meme of those two women where one is reclined and the other is straddling her while applying makeup to the reclined woman’s face. Sol is the reclined woman and Nyx is the one doing the straddling and applying makeup to Sol’s face. They are both blushing and thinking at the same time ‘Why am I DOING THIS??”
A page full of sketches that could be read as a comic from left to right depicting Sol and Nyx fighting demons. Far left image depicts a sketch of Nyx in that one meme of Marge Simpson with her left fist raised and her eyes narrowed in contemplation, the word balloon pointing to Nyx reads “It seems I am filled with RAGE.” Centre image is of Nyx on the back of a large demon, the two of them facing the right in profile. Nyx has her hands held against the demon’s head as she zaps it with lightning magic and the demon opens its mouth as if crying out in pain. Top right image is a small sketch of Nyx spitting on the remains of the demon she just killed. The demon’s disintegrating body is reduced to just part of their frowning face. Bottom right is small sketch of Sol facing towards the left but looking over her shoulder to the right at what Nyx is up to. There is a concerned look on her face as she says “Hmmm…” and cleaves the head off a frowning demon using her longsword. Sol and Nyx copying that one meme of that taller woman lifting a shorter woman up and pinning her against a the wall so that the shorter woman’s feet do not touch the ground. Nyx is the shorter woman being lifted and pinned and is blushing furiously while she thinks the word “help.” Sol simply looks smug.
A half body sketch of Sol facing 3/4’s towards the right with her arms crossed and her eyes mid roll while Nyx, who is shorter, behind her, and to the right, is shouting angry while staring at Sol, her right hand raised in an attempt to get the taller woman’s attention. A relationship meme sheet for Sol (yellow-green) and Nyx (blue-purple) depicting their stats in their relationships. The template for this sheet was made by Twitter user Gibslythe.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Weekend Sketches!

I decided I want to start posting some of my fav sketches from in between work up here on my blog once a week. I used to do this on Pillowfort, but since that platform seems to be on indefinite hiatus I have to get my posting fix somehow.

What goes here is mostly what I feel can't be properly shown in my Portfolio, even in the Misc section. It's stuff like Fanart, or drawings for the ARPGs I'm a part of, or joke stuff using my original characters. Although some of these nicer ones might end up in the Misc section of my site.

For this week's batch of sketches I'm actually collecting some I had already posted to Pillowfort but felt would be nice to post here. It's mainly sketches of my characters Sol and Nyx, a Ranger and a Mage travelling through a world haunted by demons that terrorize the populace. As the last mage in her land, Nyx has tasked herself with the duty of killing all demons and Sol is just along for the ride as her battery and sword.

Also some bonus commissions I got done of my girls! The top two are by my friend Ames, and the bottom one is by Ieafy.

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