Weekend Sketches #2 - Sol and Nyx Return

February 27, 2021

Sol and Nyx sitting next to each other. Nyx has her arms crossed and is frowning furiously while Sol glances at her and chuckles.
A page full of black and white sketches of Sol and Nyx foraging for food in a forest.
A black and white sketch page depicting Sol sewing a new cloak for Nyx while fantasizing about her positive reaction to the gift. Followed by a sketch of Nyx trying on the cloak with Sol's help and fantasizing about Sol kissing her.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

It's that time again!! Time for weekend sketches featuring my two demon hunting lesbians~

A full page of sketches of Sol and Nyx being grumpy at each other.

Nothing in colour this week, just black and white sketches. I'm still going through the backlog of what I had posted to Pillowfort before the whole site went into hibernation. A lot of these are fairly old (like, a few months lol) so the girls still look a bit off while I was trying to get a grasp of what I wanted them to look like.

They're just suffering through preliminary Big Emotions and Pining that comes before they get their emotional acts together.

A series of black and white sketches of Sol and Nyx that could be read as a comic. Image one (left) Sol is standing with Nyx reading a book to her right. Sol is chattering idly with a word balloon indicating such with the caption “idea chatter” while she unconsciously reaches out with her right hand and gently strokes the side of Nyx’s face in what is labeled with a pin arrow a “tender touch.” Image two Sol immediately pulls her hand away from Nyx’s face upon realizing what she is doing and looks away blushing. Nyx similarly stops reading and whips her head around to stare at Sol. A thought bubble emanates from Sol’s head in which she thinks to herself “Why do I keep doing that??” while a similar one flows from Nyx’s head that reads “Why does she keep doing that? A black and white sketch that follows from the previous one in the gallery. It depicts Nyx staring askance at a partially obscured Sol. Nyx is blushing but her expression reads as suppressed frustration while she thinks to herself through thought bubble “But more importantly... Why does she keep stopping??”

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend~

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