Weekend Sketches #3 - Memes and Such

March 7, 2021

In the style of the Peach Time Meme, Sol draw in a very simple style with droopy eyes and a placid smile, looking to her left at text that reads: oc time.

Hello again for another round of Weekend Sketches~

This weekend's subject is Memes and Melodrama with my two demon hunting lesbians! I was wondering if it would be appropriate to dump my significantly more jokey sketches of these two on this blog. These kinds of things are better suited on a more informal space like my Pillowfort (which is in still in hibernation as the whole platform undergoes maintenance. Though it will be returning come late March!). But considering this is my official space on the internet I'd might as well put what I think is fun over here. Any professionalism can be found in my other site's tabs~ (though debatable for the Misc tab haha).

Some black and white sketches of Sol in a sleeveless turtleneck top looking very attractive.
A couple of black and white sketches. The sketch on the left of a young Sol around the age of 10. She is holding a broomstick and there are twigs and leaves in her hair. The sketch on the right if of Sol lifting an unconscious Nyx out of a tangle of thorns with a concerned look on her face.
A black and white sketch with some colour accents of Sol with her arm protectively around Nyx, who has her face pressed into Sol’s chest, and her longsword held out defensively in front of them both. Two large golden wings stretch from Sol’s back.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

I have gotten a lot of positive response to these two and people seem keen on learning more about their story. Thank you for your interest! I don't have any immediate plans to start on any formal narrative for them and am still waffling over just keeping them a personal thing I draw for fun and to talk about with close friends. But a story has been brewing and I think an illustrated novel is the best way to go about it. For now I would like to just focus on finishing Star Trip and then pivot to a smaller black and white comic I have waiting for me afterwards.

A joke image depicting Sol as a hulking buff square towering over a small demon with her longsword in her hand and wearing some kind of harness, then an arrow the points to a flipped version of Sol where the viewer can see her back and what is being held in the harness is a tiny Nyx in a baby bjorn, her hands raised and cracking with lightning. A redraw of the Drake Meme using Nyx. The top image is of Nyx in the Drake rejection pose while next to her the text says: Making a familiar pact with an animal, like a sane person. The bottom image is of Nyx in the Drake acceptance pose with a little spark of lightning emitting from her finger while the text next to her says: Making a familiar pact with a human (Demi-God??).

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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