Weekend Sketches #4 - Miscellany With Sol and Nyx

March 21, 2021

A black and white sketch of Sol and Nyx referencing that one Buzzfeed Unsolved meme where Shane and Ryan are arguing. Sol: I’ve connected the two dots Nyx: You didn’t connect shit. Sol: I’ve connected them.

Hello! I am back with another batch of Weekend Sketches!

I took a couple weeks off since all that business with Cryptoart was really bringing me down and I didn't want to share what I was making online since there were now creeps stealing other people's IP to mint in that pollution spewing pyramid scheme. I doubt I'm the kind of person who'd have to worry about getting my stuff stolen, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

A black and white sketch of Sol and Nyx as anthropomorphic animals. Sol is a dog and Nyx is a cat. Nyx is curled up on Sol’s lap and is taking a nap, meanwhile Sol is forced to stay sitting and seems a bit nervous about her predicament, licking her nose the same way an anxious dog would. There is a thought bubble trailing from Sol’s head that reads “ C-can’t move…”
A black and white sketch of Sol and Nyx participating in the Pockey Challenge. From the top left, Sol teases Nyx with a Pockey stick held in her mouth and then pulls away when Nyx goes to bite it. From the bottom left Nyx strikes Sol in the gut with lightning magic and the Pockey falls from Sol’s mouth for Nyx to grab and run away with while Sol lies prone on the ground in the background. A black and white sketch of Nyx. She is small and cartoonish looking and is posed as if she had just been caught sneaking.
A black and white sketch of Sol and Nyx both squatting in repose. Sol looks bored and is glancing off to the side, while Nyx (who is sitting on Sol’s left) is glancing up at Sol.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

Today's bunch of sketches are just rough things in black and white. These are again old sketches from Pillowfort, which is supposed to be opening back up before this month is over. I'm very excited for that since I have been amassing a lot of extra art of my Demon Hunting Lesbians. I'll still use this blog for posting even with Pillowfort back, so for anyone who has been worried that this will be abandoned, don't. I still really like having a space on the internet that is entirely my own and who knows, PF could run into more problems and have to be put to sleep again!

A black and white sketch where Nyx is in a mock interview. The interviewer asks her “Excuse me miss, are you a touch starved gay or a sleep deprived gay?” Nyx leans forward and says simply “Yes.”

That's all from me for now. I hope you all have a lovely week!

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