Weekend Sketches #5 - Nyx's Moving Castle

March 27, 2021

Nyx dressed as Howl from the Ghibili version of Howl’s Moving Castle, with the blouse, large coat, and tight pants. She is sitting with her hands clasped in her lap and her legs crossed.

Hello everyone! Here we are with another bunch of weekend sketches!

This weekend I dug up some of the Howl's Moving Castle crossover doodles I did with my girls. I don't really have anything new or interesting to say about them here beyond Nyx looks hot in Howl's blouse and tight pants IMO. Sol could probably work as a Calcifer stand in (and looks really cute) but I also have another character from my OC story in mind who would be a better fit, also I just really like Sol as Sophie, thematically.

Two sketches of Sol. The smaller sketch on the left depicts her as the fire spirit Calcifer, except that her trail of flame looks like her signature ponytail. The second sketch on the right depicts Sol as Sophie, though Sol looks uncomfortable in the dress and hat combo. Nyx facing right, still dressed as Howl, holding a little Calcifer Sol, who has a little heart in her flame body (the heart belonging to Nyx). Both are smiling at each other.

Truly the best thing about having OCs is drawing fun stuff like this with them.

Pillowfort had to extend its return date to late April, and honestly I think I'm ready to just settle into treating this blog as my main art posting space instead. I still think PF is one of the better social medias out there but I find myself a bit frustrated with how they're going about the relaunch, in particular giving soft dates for the platform's return before they've even started their audit. As I keep saying with every blog post so far (lol) I'll still return to PF once it's open again, but I'm really vibing with the place I've built here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Nyx facing right, still dressed as Howl, from Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle, seeming to float magically with her large coat trailing behind her. In her outstretched hands is a small heart with flames around it.

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