Weekend Sketches #7 - A Goldfair Idyll

July 3, 2021

Two Pouflons (goats with wings) running around in a green field filled with flowers. One of them is grey (Silvia) and the other is yellow (Dori) In the background are houses and windmills on hills.
A little grey Pouflon (Silvia) helping her father till the ground next to their house. The sky is stormy and Silvia looks unhappy with the work. Dori showing Silvia the book she just unwittingly stole for her friend. The two of them are sitting in a little grove filled with green grass and flowering bushes.
A little yellow Pouflon (Dori) standing on a country dirt road. Her head is cocked to the side in thought as she looks at a book stall that is being manned by a purple adult Pouflon wearing glasses. Silvia reading the contents of the stolen book to Dori as they both hide out in a large rose bush. A speech bubble over Silvia’s head shows that it is a story about a knight.
Dori running off with a book taken from the book stall. In the background the bespectacled Pouflon shouts after her. Dori and Silvia are caught by the angry bookseller who takes the book away from them. Silvia looks guilty while Dori simply looks surprised.

The two little Pouflons end up helping out at the book cart. Dori is doing her best to hawk books at a passerby while Silvia is engrossed in another novel and isn’t really helping. The bookseller watches them both with a patient sigh.

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Hello and welcome to another instalment of Weekend Sketches! It's been a while!

This week isn't really sketches but instead some prompt art I did for one of the ARPGs I'm a part of. Pouflons is an art group focused on these cute flying goats that live a chill and pastoral life (for the most part). Players can complete small community tasks to get coins, which can then go towards cool upgrades for their own goat characters or to buy tickets to make new companions. It's a lot of fun!

The two little Poufs featured in this week's gallery are youths (Blooms) named Dori (the plucky yellow pouf) and Silvia (the shy grey pouf). They are a pair of friends living in Goldfair who run around having fun and getting in trouble. All of this art is part of their growth prompt requirements so I can turn them into proper adults and include them in some of the more complex missions.

In terms of life stuff. I haven't been on social media all that much. I've mostly been focusing on my day job and trying to get back on updating Star Trip again, which is going alright! I've also fallen off of posting to my blog regularly, especially now that Pillowfort is back up again. But I don't want to forget this place. Weekend Sketches might not be every weekend, but they will still be on weekends when I can manage them.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my art, thanks for leaving comments, and thanks for reading 💖

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