Weekend Sketches #8 - The Pokémon AU

July 18, 2021

A drawing of Sol dressed as a Pokemon Ranger. She is crouched next to her Arcanine with a serious look on her face. A collection of six drawings of Sol and Nyx interacting with their Pokemon and each other. A drawing of Nyx dressed as an Ace Trainer and standing in front of her Luxray, ready to battle with a smirk on her face.

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Hey hey hey! Welcome back to another batch of weekend sketches.

Just like my last post these don't really count as sketches exactly, they're a bit too cleaned up for that. Many months ago I was on a bit of Pokémon kick, and I got to imagining what kind of Pokémon (and jobs) my two demon hunting lesbians would have if they lived in the world of mons.

Sol would pretty much have the same job she has in Earthshine, which is Ranger. She's especially well equipped to travel the most dangerous terrains because of her super powered team, consisting of: an Arcanine (her starter), a Dragonite, and a legendary Virizion that she keeps secret. Her Pokémon aren't really suited to battling, though they are strong enough to win in most fights, and Sol prefers to find peaceful solutions to most altercations.

Nyx is a Pokémon Ace trainer, a junior researcher, and a MENACE. Her team is hyper specialized in battles and Nyx is very adept at it, practically dazzling her opponents with her skill. She has a shiny Luxray (her starter), a shiny Espeon, and a Mismagius. She could also qualify as a psychic trainer, and is a little bit telekinetic. Her main area of research is the power limits of Pokémon, and has been hunting for Legendaries to see how powerful a Pokémon can get. This eventually leads to her getting trapped in a very dangerous mountain range that Sol has been patrolling for the season. Things go about as expected.

This AU has been fun to think about since both Sol and Nyx are happier people in this one, and Nyx's intense self-confidence and pure uncut gremlin energy isn't dampened by a life of trauma and guilt.

A black and white drawing of Sol and Nyx dressed in Pokemon themed fashion the represents their respective main partners.

Shinx hoodie and Arcanine jacket with a fluffy hood?? Pokémon Company pls make these real >:0

Another black and white drawing of Sol and Nyx dressed in pokemon themed fashion but smaller and more cartoony.

Laundry day fit

Also I get to design cute Pokémon themed fashion for them >:3c

Thanks for looking and reading! Have a nice weekend!

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