Weekend Sketches #16 - Swordtember 2022

October 9, 2022

A black and white drawing of Nyx wearing a stylish bomber jacket, slacks, gloves, and flowing sneakers, dashing towards the left of the image, a glowing sword held in one of her gloved hands. In the top right corner is the word: Neon.

Over September and in between work I participated in Swordtember, sharing my drawings only in private spaces with friends. I wanted to try an art challenge, but I didn't want to make it a trial, so I chose to only do 12 illustrations. To make it even more fun, I used my Earthshine OCs as subjects. I love drawing these guys so much and what better delight than giving my lesbians some swords to play with? I did all of these with prompts taken from Faith Scaffer's 2022 prompt list.

A black and white drawing of Sol wearing overalls and sitting on a wooden crate bordered by potted plants. In her hands is a pointed wooden sword with a bouquet of flowers sprouting out of its pommel. In her other hand she is holding one of a pair of dirty garden gloves. She is looking up at the viewer. On the top right of the piece is written the word: Floral.
A black and white drawing of Nyx in ceremonial attire with cape, gloves, and thigh high boots, kneeling and holding a large scimitar like sword that reflects a ghostly image of Nyx's face. There is a small mirror on its pommel. On the right side of the piece is written the word: Mirror.
A black and white drawing of Nova in a fancy cape that is charred at the edges and tunic and sleeves. She is holding a candelabra over her head, from which sprouts an especially large flame from the centre candle, mimicking a sword's blade. On the left of the image is the word: Candle.

(right click and open in a new tab to see the images larger)

Since being offline I feel like my relationship with community challenges has also gotten healthier. I thank my tiger drawing foray for this as well. Keeping this to a private space with close friends made doing Swordtember so much more fun. The delight comes not from completing the entire challenge but instead from just showing the people I love what I have done so far. Also, I know to only choose parts of a prompt that I actually like, rather than feeling obligated to do it all (which would have included concepts I don't find all that interesting).

What more I gave myself the space to experiment and I got to try out new CSP brushes, and I found a few that I really like and will likely be using for future projects.

A black and white drawing of Nova dressed in a leather outfit that calls back to the 80s with full leather pants and boots, a sleeveless top that has a cutout showing her mid-drift, a cape, and a thick black satin ribbon tied around the crown of her head. She is holding a pure black sword that hold a glowing orb in a cage made out of the part of the blade right after the cross guard. On the bottom of the piece right between Nova's feet is written the word: Lantern
a black and white drawing of Sol dressed in rustic fabrics edged with white fur, including boots and forearm guards, and a sash tied aroudn her waist. Around her neck is a collar made of small anters. Her hair is loose and big and blowing in the wind. Her sword made of antler rests tip down in the ground and Sol hands rest on the pommel comfortably as she looks directly at the viewer. On the right of the piece is written the word: Antler.

I've only included 6 of my 12 illustrations in this blog post, but you can see all of the pieces on my Patreon for a $2 (USD) subscription. I also have plans to print a collected zine that I'll have available at local zine fests. I don't have any plans for wider online distribution.

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