Weekend Sketches #9 - Halloweenies

October 30, 2021

A two panel comic of Sol and Nyx. Panel 1, Sol, speaks with her left hand raised while facing in profile towards the right “Fuck you demon!” while Nyx standing next to her and glancing backwards at Sol in shock says “Sol!!” Panel 2 depicts Sol and Nyx at a distance as they stand on an old wooden bridge while behind them swirls mists that partially obscured a towering demon with four curved horns and glowing orange eyes and mouth. Sol has her sword drawn and is poised for shenanigans while Nyx looks over at her with renewed panic. Sol says, “If you want me off this bridge you’re gonna have to kill me!” Nyx says “Have you lost your mind??”

Buzzfeed Unsolved: The Everfields Edition

Hello everyone! It's been a bit of a stretch between weekend sketches, eh? If you've read my previous blog post you'll know I've been on a bit of a journey with my relationship to art. This does extend a bit into my feelings about sharing it, but I will need some more time to ferment my thoughts on that.

Otherwise, I've gotten back into thinking about Sol, Nyx, and their story that currently only plays to the exclusive screen in my head. Though that might change by next year.

Two bust drawings of Nyx (a short woman with dark skin, short dark hair, and bright yellow eyes) and Sol (a taller woman with warm brown skin, light golden hair, and pitch black eyes). Nyx is coloured in cool dark purple tones while Sol is coloured in warm orange tones.

Nothing scarrier than looking at old art lol.

I wanted to share some art I had been hoarding of them. Well, not necessarily hoarding since most of these can be found on my Pillowfort account. But if you're someone like my mom and don't go there then this is for you! I figure, since it's the spooky month why not share what I had that fits the season, like cool wereforms and glimpses into some more of Sol and Nyx's demon hunting?

A black and white half body sketch of Sol in her divine beast form, which is an amalgam of an anthropomorphic wolf and dragon, with antlers and a unicorn horn. In this sketch she is smiling with her arms crossed across her ample chest.
A couple of black and white sketches of Sol in her divine beast form, towering high while Nyx stares in blushing surprise, or is held tenderly in one of Sol’s large clawed hands as she pats Sol’s face.
A full body sketch of Sol in her divine beast form, with all four of her large webbed wings out. She stands tall facing the left.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

I'm definitely trying to keep the indulgence levels stable with these two, even though I'm on the edge of turning their story into something I will be sharing outside of myself and a handful of close friends, and Sol's Divine Beast Form is the threshold. I love designing super-powered forms (or their "Final Forms" if you like) of my characters. This is definitely a holdover from playing a bunch of JRPGs in my teens; stuff like Final Fantasy 10-X and 12 and Tales of Symphonia. But it's always, or at least very often, the villains in those games that get that cool final form. And not that villains aren't cool in and of themselves, I just like the idea of my protagonist getting a rad burst mode, a beast form, or a divine/ascended self.

A series of sketches of Sol and Nyx. From top left and going across the top row of sketches: A half body sketch of Nyx frowning as three small symbolic lightning bolts emit from her head, a half body sketch of Sol and Nyx holding each other, another half body sketch of Sol and Nyx holding each other with Sol kissing Nyx tenderly on her forehead. From the bottom left going across the bottom row of sketches: A full body sketch of Sol as a large wolf with flowers sprouting from her fur as Nyx sits astride her back, a half body sketch of Sol with her right hand on her hip and her hair down as she gazes directly at the viewer.

These are actually a lot newer! I had a recent bout of brainworms over the summer.

Usually in JRPGs the villain's Final Form represents a full corruption of the self, a point of no return where they become truly monstrous and lose all their humanity, which often makes it easier for the player to put the villain down. And I wonder, what does it mean when the protagonist has this form and at some point fully embraces and enjoys it? Because usually (and I know there are exceptions to this) a protagonist's embrace of their inhuman half is a tentative one filled with doubt. It's a constant struggle for them to keep their humanity despite this other side of themselves.

Anyways, I hope y'all have a nice Halloween. I'll likely be having a good time offline and I hope you can too!

A bust drawing of Sol and Nyx holding each other. Sol is dressed up / half shifted into a warewolf while Nyx is dressed as a witch. There are orange sparkles around them.

💜 🧡Happy Halloween🧡 💜

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