Weekend Sketches #10 - PlushPets Playground

November 14, 2021

A digital drawing of the Plushpets NPC Red (a cherry coloured hamster or mouse with a red cloak and a long green tail that looks like radish greens) hungrily looking at a sandwich in their hands. They are sitting on a picnic blanket in a flower filled field while behind them is a bright blue sky filled with fluffy clouds.”

Hello for another batch of weekend sketches!

This weekend I wanted to feature yet another Closed Species ARPG I got into over the pandemic called PlushPets, which is run by Basketworm. I really love the aesthetic of this group as well as how low stakes it feels compared to some of the other ARPGs I'm a part of, which is saying something since those groups are also pretty chill.

Atlas (a blue and cream dragon with red bird feet and a red devil tail) holding a sword in their right hand and left arm raised in salute. The are standing in a rocky desert.
A digital drawing of Plushpets' NPC June (a pink dragon with blue horns and tail and white wings with a white scarf around his neck) watering some flower bushes using a garden hose. Behind him are a row of towering sunflowers.
Shrimpy (an anthropomorphic axolotl that has a shrimp tail and wears a red hood that makes it look like they have cat ears) playfully splashing through some puddles with rainclouds and flower bushes in the background.

(Right click on the images to see them in full.)

The game play in PlushPets is simplistic and breezy with the freedom of character design being similarly so. You can pretty much design your character to look however you want with only small specific caveats.

Winfred (a brown owl like creature that has a blue sprout growing out of their head and an extra pair of wings that are blue and covered with constellation pattern. They are reclined on a bunch of pillows and in the background is a view of the sea at sunset with fluffy clouds and stars in the sky.

After doing a few general art pieces to collect the in game currency, I built my first character who I named Starfall. I wish I had more to say beyond this but after creating my first character I fell off of playing the game. I would like to go back though. I definitely have been missing the easygoing nature of ARPGs.

A development and reference sheet for Starfall, a plush pet that looks like an anthropomorphic purple goat with bright orange hooves and horns. She has a long dragon-like tail that has a shimmering orange start on its tip. On the left side of the sheet is her older design which depicted her with orange horns. The middle of the sheet details how her foot and paw pads have star motifs on them as well as that she has sharp teeth. The right side of the sheet shows her final design with the orange horns, horns, and star tail.

I had even been thinking of building my own but... well I will talk on that more later.

Thanks for stopping by!

A digital drawing of Starfall, a purple goat plushpet who walks on two legs and has bring orange horns, hooves, and star on the end of her long dragon like tail, and a green tummy and ears. She is sneezing as she uses a feather duster to dust off a dresser in her little room, which is fit with a bed, a blue and green striped rugm and a few plants both on the windowsill or hanging from the ceiling in a planter.

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