Gallery Index


Welcome to my gallery! Here you will find links to art of my OCs as well as a few shrines built for the things I love. It is currently under construction so pardon the dust! I'm slowy uploading ~images~ and building *pages* so not all of the links work right now.


Earthshrine - A gallery/shrine for my demon hunting lesbian OCs. You will also find art and descriptions of some of the AUs I've put them in. They are everything to me and my main obsession. Warning: Some of these pieces might be spicy. You can read Earthshine's canon story here though please note that it is for mature readers.

Star Trip - A gallery dedicated to the characters of my old long running webcomic. You can read it here.

Camp Coven - A gallery dedicated to my messy little story about my trio of roadtripping lesbian witches.

Tall Grass - This is a shrine dedicated to Pokemon and how much I love them. You can look through my Pokemon drawing challenges as well as art I did of my Pokemon Pearl playthrough.

Goldfair and Beyond - This is a shrine for my Pouflon OCs. You can learn about Pouflons here. I love these goats and dragons and bears and I enjoy this ARPG. Here you will find character biographies that will be updated as I complete quests, as well as galleries of art.

Ranebo Shrine - This is my shrine for my Ranebo Pets! This was the first ARPG I ever joined, and though I'm not as active in the group, it is still dear to me.

Bouquet - A gallery/shrine dedicated to two of my Pouflon characters in particular, who I have turned into humans and given a messy and more adult story. Not entirely connected to their more family friendly ARPG storyline.

Bhujerba - This is a shrine dedicated to Ivalice Moogles. I love them... SO MUCH. They are so cute and so clever and are my best friends. I might include a Moogle OC or two as well as Moogle designs of my human OCs. I might even include other Ivalice species, but Moogles are the main characters here.

Tiger Town - I love tigers and this is a gallery dedicated to them. Every day is Tiger Tuesday over here.

Critter Corner - A place where I put random creatures I've designed but am not using for anything. I just like to collect beafts

Space Fite - Peace and love on Tatooine.