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May 2023 - They Just Don't Make Months As Long As They Used To...

I'm whipping my head around frantically as I realize that May is already almost over. Where the hell did this month go?? It's been a busy one for me, with travel at the start of it to visit family in my hometown, and then a comics festival at the very end. Also lots of work in between. I didn't get to work on my personal projects as much as I would have liked, but I had to compromise.

I did get my bike tuned up and have been zooming around the city, and when I'm not zooming I've been walking around the neighbourhood and listening to music to clear my head. I've been getting better at identifying the different plant species in my area. It's something I've been wanting to get better at so why not live that dream? It costs me nothing!

a photo of a cluster of small brown mushrooms sprouting out of bare soil.

I took a photo of a large cluster of Mica Caps I saw while out on one of my neighbourhood walks. I was surprised by how many there were. These are an edible species of mushroom though I didn't forage them because they were right next to the road.


Sadly Star Trip as well as Earthshine won't be returning publicly this month. I have nothing much to say about that other than I am getting paid a lot of overtime at my day job. Ain't that just the way.

I have been regularly updating my patreon with wallpaper packs and scanned sketchbooks though, so there is something for people who want to support my work and get behind the scenes content through my Patreon

I will be at MCAF this weekend, May 26 - 28 with a bunch of my friends. I'll have zines and stickers as well as my last copies of Valor 2. I'm in Tent A05!

A drawing of Malik Vron and Ajo staring at something off panel with resigned and wistful looks on their faces.

Yeah, it's a vibe.


Because I've been so busy with day job work I haven't had much time to look at any cool new stuff on the web or otherwise. I have been re-listening to some bands I liked a lot when I was still in school. One such artist is Owen Pallett, formerly known as Final Fantasy. My younger brother got me into them ages ago and I've really enjoyed their album He Poos Clouds. This album is a source of nostalgia for me, and I love the unique melodies Pallett constructs throughout it.

Another band I've been listening to again is Damien Rice. A late friend of mine got me into them. This friend was very generous with his music interests and would talk to me about what new indie band he was listening to. I really appreciated that he would share that with me and I miss him. Their album O is the one I've been listening to while on my long walks in place of Jean Michel Blais's Aubades.

In My Orbit

Alllll of my friends are going to be at MCAF this weekend. If you're in Montreal come check them out on Rue St Denis along with so many other cool independent artists!

Ren Strapp, Fawnduu, WindyWallflower - Tent A09

Fairylogue - Tent D26


This newsletter was shorter than the last two, but you still get a little comic as a treat for reading all the way though!

A comic depicting a cartoon rabbit. In the first panel the Rabbit says confidently: Sure it's been a while since I've dug a burrow, but I'm sure I can handle it. How hard can it be? END DIALOGUE This if followed buy two panels of the rabbit on her knees in defeat with her head in her hands in front of mounds of dirt and a half finished burrow. Her tiger friend pops into frame and says: Dug up more than you could bury? END DIALOGUE which gets the rabbit to look at her in silent annoyance.

Returning to doing festivals has got me feeling a way.

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